Personal Growth Hypnosis provides professional hypnotherapy recorded sessions for the convenience of  listening on your own time and individual pace. Offering the best in Hypnotherapy processes and techniques. Jen Warren is  a clinical hypnotherapist, certified in 2001 and specializing in behavioral changes.
Hypnotherapy works. Hypnosis has been proven to be extremely effective in significantly improving behavior. If you have behavioral issues which you would like to tackle, please give hypnosis a chance, you will be amazed at the personal growth that you will achieve through a desire for positive change. All that is required is a high level of concentration, repetition and the commitment of listening to your hypnosis sessions on a consistant basis. 
 Hypnosis is a mental relaxation, similar to getting a massage or meditation, in which the conscious mind relaxes and allows the sub conscious mind to take the reins and work towards the greatest good of the client. Through hypnosis and a commitment to positive change we can work together to make the necessary changes to your behavior to reach your greatest good.
                         Let Hypnosis Transform Your Life
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Initial Consultation         1/2 Hour        Free

Intro Session                 1 1/2 Hour       $100

Standard Session          1 Hour            $80

Packages:                                        Fee         

6  Sessions                                          $450 
Intro session & 5 Standard sessions 
8 Sessions                                           $594
Intro session & 7 Standard sessions

12 Sessions                                         $882
Intro session & 11 standard sessions

All hour long Hypnosis sessions include a personalized cd recording of your session for you to use for relaxation and personal growth.
Hypnotherapy Fee's:
Jen Warren:

Certifications: CHT Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tenure: Jen has provided clients with her professional hypnotherapy services for slightly over ten years now.. Having trained with an experienced Hypnotherapist in 2000, Jen received her certification from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 2001 and went on to work as a clinical Hypnotherapist for Positive Changes Hypnosis from 2001-2003, when she  
completed her BA in English and went on to open Personal Growth Hypnosis.
               Through Hypnotherapy you will be
       able to address personal obstacles including:
  • Increase Excercise 
  • Weight Release
  • Better Eating
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Relaxation & Stress Release
  • Release Anxiety
  • Sleep Better
  • Relaxed Child Birth
  • Grounding & Meditation
  • Regression & Past Life Therapy

  • Eliminate Nail Biting
  • Tobacco Free
  • Salesmanship
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Improved  Study Habits
  • Eliminate Fears
  • Eliminate Negative Energy
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Please Inquire For More